Neil Enggist was born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey, his parents emigrating from Switzerland and Taiwan.  An avid drawer from very young, he attended art courses around New Jersey and Philadelphia, also playing soccer and saxophone.  In the fall of 2000, Enggist attended art school at Washington University in St. Louis, studying drawing under John Sabraw, a hyperrealist painter. In 2002, he studied oil painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and Renaissance art in Florence, where he produced his first body of small land and cityscapes.  His final piece was a large canvas based on Michelangelo’s Last Judgment and Kandinsky’s mid career work.  He graduated with a painting major in 2004 with a body of work embodying the collision of his interests—the Himalayan Mandala, Mystical poetry, Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, Kandinsky’s On the Spiritual in Art, Dylan, and his own poems of time out of mind.  After graduating in 2004, Enggist spent the summer painting storms in New Mexico and showing around NYC, then spending six months traveling through Europe with a makeshift stretcher, a guitar, an easel, and Kerouac's Desolation Angels.   He painted onsite at La Alhambra, Chartres, Sacre Coeur, the Rodin Gardens, and Parc Guell, studying the European modern masters and creating a body of drawings, which he used on occasion as rent. Enggist exhibited in Washington DC, New York and Paris in 2006, and was back on the road in California, New Mexico and the Midwest, painting onsite in an array of deserts and altitudes.   In 2008, he made 7 paintings on the seaside in Camogli, Italy, which he showed in Monza, north of Milan, then spent 4 months crossing through north India producing drawings and writings for 3 book projects.  He made 17 pieces one day in Delhi to show the next night in Hauz Khas Village, then retreated to Goa to perform folksongs as ‘The Kid’, emerging to show paintings on silk and fabric in Bhandara, Mumbai, before escaping to the mountains of Switzerland.  In the summer and fall of 09, Enggist had a studio residency in Brooklyn Heights with BOFFO, taking part in their large Objective Affection exhibition and living in Bushwick.  After showing at Galapagos with musicians Brother Han and Valerie June, at 25CPW and Collective Hardware in Manhattan, Enggist took a slow cross country journey with folksinger, Gann Brewer, drawing and painting onsite, photographing, writing, and playing music through 25 states, landing in San Francisco.  After ‘The Low Road’ show in Tribeca, displaying work from the America trip, Enggist went to Spain, Romania, Hungary, France, and Luzern, Switzerland, where he worked for Swiss master gardener, Andre Ammann.  Upon his return to NYC, he self-published three books of poetry, 21 to MidnightDestiny Playing, and Blindness Memory & Empty Trains.  In 2011, he painted in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, and in San Francisco.  He organized a show with his father, glass artist, Rob Enggist, at the Kunstraum Vitrine in Luzern the following year.  In 2013, Enggist painted sunrises on silk while traveling through Kerala to the southern end of India, and helped realize garden design ventures once more in Luzern.  He currently lives and works in San Francisco.