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on canvas 

Golden Light Mudra 62x50_.JPG

Golden light Mudra, 2022, acrylic, Big Sur sand, White Sands, turmeric, and oxidation on canvas 62x50"  2022

Whale Eye I.jpg

Whale Eye I, acrylic and ink on canvas, 48x48"  2018

Hear my Train Comin.jpg

I Hear my Train Comin, acrylic, ink, MS river mud, Yellowknife sand, leaves and oil on canvas, 64 x 54 in.  2019

and the Holy Dove.jpg

Holy Dove, acrylic, ink, MS river mud, and glass on canvas, 62 x 53"   2009

Mississippi Violet Fire, acrylic, ink, dye, holi pigment, Mississippi River dirt, Ligurian sea stones, 62x51 in.  2020

on steel 


Heaven, 2021acrylic, dye, ink, spray paint, white sand and oxidation on steel, 48x63”  2022


Tygerlight, acrylic, dye, ink, spray paint, turmeric and oxidation on steel, 48x63”  2022

Pedernal En Light.JPG

Pedernal En Light, acrylic, dye, ink, spray paint, pastel, mica, mud, and oxidation on steel, 24x24 in.   2021

Tiger Reborn, oxidation on steel, 8x4' 2017.jpg

Tiger Reborn, oxidation on steel, 96x48 in.  2016

En Taos.JPG

En Taos, pastel, Taos mud and oxidation on steel, 12x12 in.  2021

Key West_ Immortal.jpg

Key West / Immortality, acrylic, ink, charcoal, and organic material on steel, 48x96 in.   2016-24

on canvas and silk

6 Voice&Veil.jpg

 Voice and Veil, acrylic, ink and oil on canvas, 62 x 5in.  2010

Nora G.jpg

Nora G, acrylic, ink, pigment, magnolia petals, sand, and leaves on satin, 59x32 in.  2009

9. The Rising.jpg

The Rising, acrylic, ink, pigment, brick dust on canvas, 65 x 41 in.  2017

Dragon of the Mysterious Storm 2.JPG

Dragon of the Mysterious Storm, acrylic, pigment, white sand, black sand, pigment, ash, soot, feather, satin, and oxidation on canvas, 46x64 in.  2024

8.  Sati.jpg

Sati, acrylic, ink, oil, oak leaf, and holi pigment on canvas, 65 x 38 in.  2009

Immortal Jellyfish (Lazuli).JPG

Immortal Jellyfish (Lazuli), 2022, acrylic, ink, dye, spray paint, and oxidation on canvas, 61x48 in.  2022

Blue Pedernal Silk.jpg

Blue Pedernal Enso, acrylic, pigment and ink on silk, 36 x 32 in.  2023

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