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Poems written directly from the Covid Hive Mind ©.  


Poems of the Covid fever, Poems of pills and sweat, Poems of Cash and Moltisanti, Dylan and Blind Willie, Frida and Fado, Memories of Florence, Bright Midnight in Iceland, Dreaming of being alone forever, Poems of Love and Lightning,  Music changing in Paris, Poems of Siebenschlaefer shit, Poems of shame and failure, Joy stolen and unstolen, POEMS of the immensity of Blue, An Alternative model to the Black Hole and the nature of spacetime, an Apology, the Myth of America, and a long Covid Road Poem, chased by the Monsoon.


With photos, drawings, and paintings made by the poet in sickness and health.

The writing is philosophically grounded on Borges’ Dreamtigers, Kerouac’s Heaven, Maggie Nelson Bluets, Walser’s Masquerade, Clearly’s translation of The Secret of the Golden Flower, Rovelli’s theory of Loop Quantum Gravity, The Sopranos, and Blind Willie McTell (the artist and the Dylan song) and Experientially grounded by travels in Iceland, Paris, a double layover in Portugal and having Covid in Switzerland 2021 as well as driving from Key West to NY with Co-

vid after the art pandemic Miami Basel 23.

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