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Walked up Rigi

The day was hot..

Halfway up

I let the animal out of my bag

He jumped into the blackberries and climbed the tilia

Walked down

The other face to Vitznau

I was turnt

I kicked the road and said

Fuck this road.. Full of split and round river stones

Every step slipped

I was glad you weren’t there because you would have been very upset with this road

So yeh I guess the feeling was glad

Perhaps I was still escaping myself

Perhaps I was actually being myself


And this was me, cursing the road, but finding the waterfall through the forest running off the mountain

Carved by retreating glaciers, listening to Nora, Easy to find..

You will always know where to find me

I was thinking about my bed

I was tired

I had a little chocolate left

A little Apenzeller

Mustard, lavender oil

Tiny bit of rose, a little water

white ink and

Did I have blue?

The pack was light

I made it up from Kussnacht

In like 2 and a half hours

Including the time spent freeing the little animal

That I caught in the cereal bag this morning

I’m not gonna paint

I was saying to myself

But then I found a farmhouse

That left out some cool mint tea

And beneath was a field of thyme

Over a little electric cattle fence

I used to the canvas and the pterodactyl shirt to get over the electric wire and unrolled the canvas

Gently on the thyme

The canvas was black and red

One of Giacometti’s Women of Venice

The standing goddess Saturday in the chariot

The figure seemed to want to lie down from

Standing and waiting ages for me to

Lie down and once sleeping

Would become the mountains

these were the mountains

The ones I saw on my first walk

I was going a different way now but

These were the same mountains

I didn’t need to paint, my eyes just moved my hand, which held loose a white wild flower

I forget the name

I mixed some rose and white ink, why this color, why color at all, I forgot the blue, I didn’t need it

Everything was already blue

The last mark was ‘the long way home’*

*The small road on the lake coast that GartenKultur takes after working in Brunnen,


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