Painting is the cosmic act, the creation act, as well as the endurance of the most delicate, the moment. My work seeks a seamless fusion of the purposeful and coincidental, embodying the random precision through which the momentary and eternal intersect. To this end, I relinquish much conscious direction of my work. I establish a set of conditions where the unreasoned image must be born. I allow the pull of gravity, the streaming flow of liquid, the marks of changes in state (freezing, melting, burning), and the vicissitudes of nature (seasons, tides, storms) to transform the canvas into a world in flux. As the surface is activated, I perceive it as a Precambrian terrain through which the image emerges from countless reactions; the artist’s hand, nature’s hand, the divine hand— seamless. My hand guides, hides, conducts, and engenders, but chance always is engaged with will. Nature becomes more than a reproduced subject, more than a part of the physical painting, but co-creator, and its currents are my brushes. In this way, the image becomes a product of combined wills, beyond what singularly could be intended or imagined. 

-Neil Enggist